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Eubanks Reunion 1997 - Gary Rook, Jerry Neal Eubanks, Ronny Eubanks, Tommy Eubanks (far right) with grandchildren.
Tommy Eubanks (son of Fanny and Odus K Eubanks) married Billie Jean Rook and they had 2 children.
  • Dianna Jean Eubanks - Husband Eldon White
    • 3 children Jerry Neal Eubanks, Elizabeth Marshall, Gary Rook
      Jerry's Children (Brandon Duane Eubanks,Douglas Shane Eubanks,Alexander Neal Eubanks,Diana Lysett Eubanks)
      Elizabeth's children (Ashley Marshall, Brittney Marshall, Dalton Marshall)
  • Sammie Lou Eubanks

Tommy then married Joyce Box and they had 1 child.

  • Ronny Eubanks

Tommy then married Fay - they had no children

Tommy Eubanks with grandson Gary Rook

Tommy Eubanks with Daughter Sammye and Kids

Dianna Jean Eubanks White with
granddaughter Dianna & Eldon White

Tommy Eubanks with nephew
Randy Eubanks - 2003

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