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Moore Family - Photo from 1992 Eubanks Reunion (Click To Enlarge)

L to R - Linzy, Ruby, Bobby, Polly Byrum, Glenda Moore Byrum, Wayne Byrum, Sue Moore, Peggy & 2 daughters.

Ruby Eubanks (daughter of Fanny and Odus K Eubanks) married Linzy Moore and they had 2 children.
  • Glenda Sue Moore
  • Bobby Joe Moore
Moore Family - Photo from 1993 Eubanks Reunion (Click To Enlarge)
Linzy & Ruby Eubanks Moore. Others in picture - G.G. Son Shannon, Paul Rudder, Peggy Rudder Wallcutt, Angela & Heather, Glenda Sue Rudder, Johnny Ray Rudder, Zackrey Rudder.
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