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9/16/01 -

Fanny Allison Eubanks (daughter of Ruben and Minnie Eubanks) married Odus K Eubanks and they had 8 children.

  • Robert K Eubanks
  • Ruby Eubanks
  • Iomgene Eubanks
  • Argus E Eubanks
  • Edna Ruth Eubanks
  • Tommy Eubanks
  • Stella F Eubanks
  • Odus Jr Eubanks
Fanny and Od Eubanks

Fanny Eubanks. What a strong woman. And always ready for an adventure. I remember in the mid 50's going to visit Granny (everyone called her Granny) in California. We had planned a trip to Disneyland and she was more excited than us kids. And she rode just about every ride. Her favorite was Thunder Mountain. She knew we were going to get soaked at the end of the ride. And she was ready and willing. I've always remembered that. She was in her mid to late 50's at the time and she had the enthusiasm of a child.

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