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Robert K and Ava EubanksRobert K Eubanks (son of Fanny and Odus K Eubanks) married Ava Wiggs and they had no children.

Although Robert and Ava had no children of their own they always made their nieces and nephews feel special. They lived in Phoenix, AZ and only visited Arkansas every few years. My dad (Argus) was close with all his brothers and sisters, but uncle Bob talked him into moving to Arizona several times when I was growing up. The last time we lived in Phoenix was in the early 60's.

Bob Eubanks and Dick Eubanks
Uncle Bob & Me
Uncle Bob loved to fish and so did I. He wanted a boat ..... and I wanted anyone to have a boat - if they would take me fishing. And although uncle Bob made a good living (he was the foreman at the largest lumber company in AZ), aunt Ava would only give him enough money for smokes and gas each week. No blowing of the money. Bless her heart. She wanted to make sure they had plenty to retire on I guess. So, after he would get off work at the lumber yard, he would come to our house because we had a woodshed. He would cut stakes that were to be used in staking out new homes and lots. I was his "bundler". As fast as he could cut them, I bundled and stacked them. After several months of doing this he sold the bundles and bought a used boat from my uncle Bobby Carrey. Then we spent many weekends on a lake outside Phoenix up in the mountains fishing. One time in November we were fishing with my dad and I was using one of Uncle Bob's rod and reels. I was about half asleep lying on the front deck of the boat when a BIG fish hit my line. Since I was not holding the rod, it went overboard, Like any smart person, I dived overboard after it. When I hit the water it didn't seem to smart because even though it was AZ, the mountain lake water still gets cold in November. I dived several times with no luck before Uncle Bob & Dad grabbed me as I was coming up for air. Then they took me to the nearest shore, build a fire and dried me out. Uncle Bob and Dad laughed about that for years.

Another time he took me and Pat (my sister) up in the mountains close to Flagstaff ice fishing. We got stuck in the snow several times before we finally got to the frozen lake. Aunt Ava, Pat & I, along with several other people who were trying to get to the lake, would push the jeep until we got traction again. When we finally made it there, he took his shovel and beat a hole in the ice for Pat to fish in. Since I was watching how he did it, I, of course, said I could make my own hole. When I finally broke through the ice, the shovel, along with my head, shoulders and arms went through the ice. Of course I let go of the shovel. He again had to build a fire to keep me from freezing. And again he just laughed about it.

He always called me Junior and I felt special. Only many years later did I learn he called my brother Junior too.

But he was the special one. Unbelievable memory! He could ride his golf cart around the lumber yard without taking a pen or paper, go back to his office and write the long numbers of each box car that lumber was loaded onto.

My son was named Robert after uncle Bob.

Uncle Bob died of a heart attack in November of 1968 one day before his 49th birthday.

Since Bob and Ava had no children of their own it will be up to the rest of us to fill in the blanks on his life. If you have a story or memory, please share if with the rest of us.

If you have any information that can be added to this page please send it to Dick Eubanks.

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