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The first R.W. Eubanks family reunion was held September 15, 1974 ……
at the homes of Marvin and Beluah Eubanks and their daughter Bernice Brigham in the North New Hope community, northwest of Dover, Arkansas.

Those attending from Dover area were; Willie Hottinger, Fred & Nina McCain, Joyce and Jean, Mildred Cravens, Jean Cravens, Violet Cravens, Dusty & Wendell, Clarence & Imogene Mackie, Belinda, Tony, and Terry, Ronnie & Elaine Huddleston, Kevin and Kimberly, Dean & Nioka McCain, and Cindy, Harlin & Evelyn Brooks, Utillie Owens, Orville Eubanks, Marvin & Beluah Eubanks, Durward & Bernice Brigham.

Attending from Russellville; Fannie Eubanks, Nora Staggs, Victor & Myrtle Jurick, and Raymond, Argus & Vera Eubanks, Charles & Lucille Staggs, Odus & Betty Eubanks, Randy, Pam, Mark, and Phillip, Jim & Martha Bowles, Eula Branch, Bill Eubanks, A.L. Eubanks, Grace Eudy, Joe Waldo and Joel.

Also attending; Diane Rook, Gary and Jerry of Dardanelle, Linzy & Ruby Moore of London, Eddie & Katherine Tate of Waldron, George & Mary Staggs of North Little Rock, J.W. “Bill” Eubanks of North Little Rock, Lorene Cravens of Keota, OK., Raymond & Mary Lane, Darla and Debra of McCurtain, OK., Howard “Pete” & Virgie Peters of Covina, CA., and Eva Applegate of Covina, CA.

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