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We know that the first R.W. Eubanks family reunion was held September 15, 1974 ……
at the homes of Marvin and Beluah Eubanks and their daughter Bernice Brigham in the North New Hope community, northwest of Dover, Arkansas. BUT, who was R.W. Eubanks, how did he end up in Arkansas, and who were his ancestors?

I'm sure someone out there has more information than I, but what I have is shared here with the hope that you may share any information you may have.

Lewis Eubanks, Sr. was born in 1770 in South Carolina, moved to Tennesse between 1803 and 1808. He married S.F. McPhearson and they had 8 children, none of which were born in Arkansas. At some point he moved his family to Johnson County, Arkansas and died in 1840 in Pope County, Arkansas.

The Children of Lewis Eubanks, Sr. were;

William Eubanks - born in 1794 in South Carolina, died in 1840 in Pope County, Arkansas

  • Spouse - Rachel Wakefield
    • Children - Lewis F, Joseph William, Elizabeth, Gaston M, Sara Ann, John Alvin, Louisa ' 'Tennessee'

Tarlton Eubanks - born in 1800 in South Carolina, died in Johnson County, Arkansas

  • Spouse - Mary "Polly" Dunlap
    • Children - Patrick Henry, James T, Martha Ann, William, Unknown, Pleasant, Emeline, Rebecca Jane, Lucinda

John Eubanks - born in 1803 in South Carolina, died in Pope County, Arkansas

  • Spouse - Martha "Patsy" Walker
    • Children - Mary A "Polly", Paulina, Nelson K, Lewis F, Frances, Joseph Wakefield, Naomi

Missy Eubanks - born in 1804, died ?

  • Spouse - Joseph Steward
    • Children - None

Jane "Patsy" Eubanks - born in 1805, died in Pope County, Arkansas

  • Spouse - Peter B Davis
    • Children - None

Katharina Eubanks - born in 1808 in Tennessee

  • Spouse - Murphy "Mophy" Dobbs
    • Children - William L, Joseph, Rosa C, Elisha, Roda C

Frances Eubanks - born in 1810 in Tennessee, died 7/30/1851 in Scottsville, Arkansas

  • Spouse - John Leonard Goates
    • Children - James H, Landon L, Jerry W, George M, Benjamin F, Henry, Eveline, Elbert K

James Eubanks - born in 1811, no other information

John Alvin & Mary Francis Trigg Eubanks
John Alvin Eubanks, son of William, was born May 5, 1836 in Arkansas and died December 30, 1909. He is buried in the North New Hope cemetery north of Dover, Arkansas. He was first married to Elizabeth Jackson and then Mary Francis E Trigg. He was the father of 11 children.

  • Spouse - Elizabeth Jackson
    • Children - Loweinda "Adelina", Joseph A
  • Spouse - Mary Francis E Trigg
    • Children - Ruben "R.W." William, Walter V, Naomi Jane, George W, Ida M, Thomas H, James A, Minnie Myrtle, Robert Wilson

Ruben W & Minnie Bizzell Eubanks with family: Evie(center), Tollie, Nora, Marvin, Willie, Fanny
Ruben "RW" William, son of John Alvin Eubanks, was born February 22, 1865 and died June 1, 1919. He is buried in the North New Hope cemetery north of Dover, Arkansas. He was first married to Minnie Bezzel and then Tena Dickens. He was the father of 9 children.

  • Spouse - Minnie Bezzel
    • Children - Marvin, Nora, Tollie, Willie, Fannie Allison, Eva, Carl
  • Spouse - Tena Dickens
    • Children - Virgie, Nina

Thomas Henry & Nancy Rushing Eubanks with family: Twins Edd &Fred, Albert, Robert, Eula, Odus

I hope this information helps. I highlighed Fannie Allison because she was my grandmother. She was born September 16, 1901 and died March 2, 1988. She is buried in the North New Hope cemetery north of Dover, Arkansas. If you have any additions or corrections, please feel free to send it

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