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Argus Eubanks

Argus Elmo Eubanks (son of Fanny and Odus K Eubanks) married Vera Marie Carry and they had 4 children.

  • Larry Elmo Eubanks
  • Dicky Lee Eubanks
  • Patsy Gale Eubanks
  • Deborah Karen Eubanks

Vera Eubanks

Argus Elmo Eubanks was born on November 21, 1924. He passed away on September 12, 1998 after a battle with cancer. He left behind his wife of over 53 years, Vera, and a lifetime of memories. He was our rock. Not a day goes by that he is not missed. Mom - Vera Marie Eubanks - was born March 3, 1928 and passed away August 17, 2008.

Larry with Smokey
Autos were invented?
One of the stories that I heard about dad was right before he passed away. We were on our way to Little Rock with mom to see dad in the hospital when she told it. She said they met when she was 14. She said she saw dad looking across at her at school. He told her later that he saw the prettiest girl he had ever seen with the sadiest eyes he had ever seen. At that instant he vowed he would spent his life making sure those eyes were never sad again. And if you knew my dad, you know he tried all his life to make sure he kept that vow.

Argus and Vera Eubanks Children
Dicky, Larry, Pat, Debbie

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