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Horse Shoes!

NEWS FLASH: Randy & Mark do not win the horseshoe contest in 2009.
(That's right, it was rained out)

Randy & Mark win again in 2010!

Hey, we have a good time! Who cares who wins?

OKAY -- I'm not sure how this hasn't been updated in 11 years! Whee! Where did the time go? I know the horseshoe trophy has been on display in KANSAS for several years now. Darlene and Ronnie Clinesmith came over a few years ago and won, came back and won again, and ......well you get the idea. If you're reading this and have more information send it to me and I'll get this updated.

In 2004 the word was out. The challenge was made! "We're taking the Horseshoe Crown back to Ark In 2004". (Mark Eubanks 7/1/04)

For anyone who has been at the Eubanks Reunion for many years, you already know that the Eubanks' brothers (Mark and Randy) had been winning every year until 2003. In fact, they had won so many times that "someone" came up with the idea that we should have a traveling trophy in 2004. (Ok, it was Randy & Mark)

This just happened to be a year after they didn't win. The "Clan" from Oklahoma City, Jerry Neal Eubanks and Eldon White won in 2003. So, Randy and Mark made a great Horse Shoe Trophy. And guess what. Mark was half right. The trophy got to stay in Arkansas 6 months and Oklahoma 6 months as Eldon White (Midwest City) and Dick Eubanks (Russellville) won. What Mark and Randy have created is great interest and a fun time for all, as everyone now wants a shot at the TROPHY. In 2005, it looked like Dick and Eldon had a shot at retaining their title. Or was it going to be Randy and Mark? Doesn't matter as a ringer was brought in. Jerry Neal Eubanks, "arriving late", said he had to have a shot at winning. But alas, everyone was already signed up. There was no one to be his partner! But then at the last second Angie Shaddon's friend, Chris Sherrod showed up to become Jerry's partner. And now guess who won? That's right, Jerry Neal Eubanks of Midwest City, OK. and Chris Sherrod of Russellville walked away with the 2005 TROPHY. It was great fun! 

2010 Eubanks Reunion Horseshore Champs
Dick Eubanks trying to prove that Eldon White and him really won....but Randy and Mark Eubanks aren't having any of that!

Click on Photo To Enlarge
See how OLD they're getting! Gotta be some young competition ready to take on the challenge! I believe they've lost a step with old age.

Well, 2010 was a lot like 2008 but in the end....again....... after a very long time, Mark
and Randy Eubanks (aka; the Eubanks Brothers) held off a strong challenge from Eldon White and Dick Eubanks to once again be the 2010 Eubanks Reunion Horseshoe Championship. The competition was stiff and everyone seemed to have a good time. But when it was all said and done, there was Mark saying..........

2008 Eubanks Reunion Horseshore Champs

It came down to 4
Mark, Don, John, & Randy.

Finally, Randy & Mark defeated Don Mackie & John Eubanks in one of the best yet.

Click on Photos To Enlarge

Well, 2008 was not anything like 2007 but in the end - after a very long time, Mark
and Randy Eubanks (aka; the Eubanks Brothers) held off darkness (someone said car lights had to be used) and a very strong challenge from Don Mackie and John Eubanks to retain the 2008 Eubanks Reunion Horseshoe Championship. The competition was unbelievable. Again! The losers bracket along with another set of horseshoes last year was a big hit so we continued it this year. It made for a long afternoon. Tony MerrillOwen Stokes said they could have come out of the losers bracket to win, but Mamma Paula said enough, get in the car! That left Dick Eubanks and Eldon White fighting Don and John for the right to face Randy and Mark in the championship. Don and John were unstoppable and looked like they were ready to give Randy and Mark a run for the trophy. But when it was finally finished Randy & Mark were taking their usual pose for the winning photo. I heard a lot of talking about next year. Stuff like "year round training", making Randy and Mark "throw left handed". I will also add - Eldon White & Dick Eubanks have had surgery in July in order to be better physically. We'll see if it helps!

Mark says, BRING EM ON!

2007 Eubanks Reunion Horseshore Champs

Well, 2007 is in the books! Mark
and Randy Eubanks (aka; the Eubanks Brothers) held off a strong challenge from Thomas Harris and Brian (Marks' son) Eubanks to take home the 2007 Eubanks Reunion Horseshoe Championship. Gary Tuller & Tommy Randolph, along with Rob Eubanks & his father-in-law, Bud Novak, also finished strong. The competition was unbelievable. This year we added a losers bracket along with another set of horseshoes so we could have more folks enjoying the fun. At least it was fun for most. Jerry Neal Eubanks arrived late again this year and had to get his mother, Diane, for a partner. Jerry said something to the effect that his mother could beat everyone by herself. She tried but Jerry went back to Oklahoma crying "just wait till next year. Mark & Randy said, 'We'll be here".

2006 Update:
Mark and Randy Eubanks took the 2006 Trophy home! After coming in 2nd in both 2004 & 2005, good sports Randy & Mark threw ringer after ringer. There was no question who was the best in 2006.

2007 September Update:
I received an email from Mark Eubanks recently stating that the Traveling Horseshoe Trophy was not going to travel this year. He said that he and Randy intended to make sure it stayed in ARKANSAS. I would love to be able to give you his exact quote but I had a major computer crash and lost a lot of my email.

2006 Winners

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