Eubanks Reunion

This Year's Reunion Will Be October 3, 2004

PLACE: Old Post Park
TIME: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Picnic Shelter Number 8
Potluck Lunch at 1:00 pm

Just a reminder that the 24th Eubanks Reunion is this weekend, October 3, 2004.

For those of you that have not gotten the promised Newsletter ........ what can I say. It's late. You probably already had that one figured out.

Well, as they say any excuse is better than none. One, I kept waiting for responses with some NEWS from you. So, if you didn't send any news, the second reason is the same reason you didn't send any news. And that is .... Second, I kept meaning to but things just kept popping up that had to be done and all of a sudden, I'm out of time.

At any rate, here is the news that I DO HAVE.

Edd and Arlene Eubanks of Dexter, MO., along with son Eddy and Paula have told me they are planning on making the trip to this years reunion. Eddy and Paula bought a new travel trailer a few months ago so they could get out and relax for a few days every now and then. When I ask Eddy how many times he had used it, he said, "When I come down for the reunion it will be one time." Eddy and Paula are expecting their 1st grandchild in the next couple of weeks so hopefully they will be able to enjoy a quiet weekend of visiting with family. As anyone with grand children knows, it won't be "quiet" anymore, but it will be "Grand". Edd's other son Jimmy is not planning on coming at this time. (We'll be able to talk about him, right?)

Tommy Eubanks has just gotten out of the hospital and is going to try to make it to the reunion. He had a bad case of pneumonia and has been recovering at daughter Diana White's home in Oklahoma City. As always, Diana and Eldon will be attending the reunion along with their family. Diana's son Jerry Neal will again be telling stories that are so funny they can't possibly be true. Jerry Neal says he and Eldon, or he and Gary Wayne, will be taking the "Horseshoe Throwing" championship back to Oklahoma again this year. (Last word from Mark Eubanks was "it ain't gonna happen".)

Tommy's daughter Sammye Lou Johnston has had a very rough year. She lost her son Ben in April to a heart attack and has been battling cancer herself. Last word was that she and husband Gary were going to be at the reunion if at all possible. Keep her in your prayers.

Tommy's son Ronny, of Denver, CO, is also going to try to be here. Ron bought some land outside Denver last year. For those that want to know about gold mining, Ron is the one to ask.

I got the following note from Jeannie Siemens, daughter of John Ed Eubanks. Brother is Tip Eubanks.

Tip and Peggy, Jeannie and Ed. We are planing a trip to Table Rock Lake for a fishing trip the last week of September so we will be coming by after to attend the reunion. Maybe have some fish tales to tell. MY daughter Michelle Lynn Green, Married John Partain and lives in Florida now. My mother's name was Laura Lee Partin.

Hope they can make it!

Paula Stokes sent the following news:

"Owen and I spent 4th of July in the Delta (on the River) near Sacramento, California with some old friends of his on their 46 foot Maxima Boat. Fireworks and fun. That is our vacation for this year. Dad (Lucky) had major Cancer surgery in January, we thought we had lost him a couple of times, but he is making amazing progress. Kristine is engaged to Dwayne Griswold and is living in Austin, Texas. She was diagnosed with MS about 5 years ago, but got on medication right away is doing very well.

I'm working for a Non-profit organization in Houston Texas that helps families of Law Enforcement and Firefighters who are killed in the line of duty. Been doing this for 14 years now, it is a very rewarding job.

I'll try to talk to Reta and Dar and maybe we could all make it down for one of the reunions, but I know I won't be making it this year."

For those that don't remember, Paula is Stella (Eubanks) Powell's daughter. Stella was always a joy to be around and lite up any room she entered.

News from Darlene Merrill (Darlene is also Stella's daughter)

Darlene Powell married Anthony Merrill. They have one son,Aaron, who graduated last May. Darlene is in the insurance business in Elkhart, KS works with the Chamber of Commerce, the Elkhart Booster Club, and they spend their free time rooting for the BRONCOS.

News from Clyde H. Kinslow

Clyde H. Kinslow only son of Burnell Kinslow and Stella Powell. Never Married
Heritage Village of Eskridge
PO Box 248
Eskridge, KS 66423
Phone 785-449-2294

News from Reta G Jackson: (daughter of Burnell Kinslow and Stella Powell)

Married Eugene C. Jackson on June 22, 1974.
Eugene had a daughter from a previous marriage. Angela Jene Jackson
Reta and Eugene had 2 sons - Ryder C. Jackson and Justin T. Jackson.
Angela married Richard Bess and they have 2 children - Colton Wayne Bess & Makenzie Shayne Bess

Ryder C. Jackson married Amy Thomas on Sept. 28, 2002 No children yet only a dog.


News from Angie Shaddon:

I AM GRADUATING MAY 14, 2005!!!! This is my LAST year at ATU, WHOO HOOO!!!! I can't wait to finish!!! Also I spent my summer taking care of my aunt Jane ... who had a stroke 2 and a 1/2 years ago. Good enough for you?? Oh and I am taking the kids to Magic Springs this weekend! Later Angie

Angie is the daughter of Cathy and Dick Eubanks and the mother of two of the very best kids in the world. (Partial? Not me)

News from Mark Eubanks

"We're taking the Horseshoe Crown back to Ark In 2004"

That's Mark, short and to the point. I think it's a challenge to the clan from Oklahoma. Sure would be funny if the ones coming from Missouri decided they were going to take it back to MO.

Mark Eubanks is the son of Odus Jr Eubanks

News from Pat Jones (daughter of Argus and Vera Eubanks)

Married Dewey Jones so many years ago can't remember when.

Two children - Justin and Kylie

Justin works at Stoby's Restaurant
Kylie is going to U of A at Morrilton
Kylie has had some medical problems this last year and will be having surgery in the near future. Keep her in your prayers.

News from Larry and Donna Eubanks (Larry is Argus & Vera Eubanks son)

Larry's son, Jeffery Scott, recently became a grandfather as his daughter Danielle had a new baby. (This makes Larry a GREAT GRAND PAW - be sure to remind him of this) Jeff also has a son - Clinton. Jeff also has three step children with wife Lori, Preston, Christian and Noel. Jeff lives in Colorado Springs, CO.

Larry's other son, Larry 'Allen', has two daughters, Taylor and Madeline. Allen was recently remarried to JoAnna who has a son, Jeremiah. They live in a house near Russellville that Larry and Allen completely redid.

Larry's daughter Vanessa married Brad Hill. They recently welcomed the 5th member of their family. (3 dogs now instead of 2) Vanessa is a pharmacist at the VA Med Center in Little Rock. Brad is in the construction business.

News from Elaine and Ron Huddleston (Elaine is the daughter of Clarence and Iomgene(Eubanks) Mackie

Ron and Elaine were rear - ended by another vehicle this last April. Their car was knocked off the road and rolled over. They had Ron's dad and their grandson, Sean, with them. Although everyone was shook up and bruised, they all escaped without serious injury.

Ron is working for the USDA and has to spent a lot of time away from home.

News from Gary and Debbie Tuller  (Debbie is daughter of Argus and Vera Eubanks)
Deb and Gary recently moved from Dover to Russellville, AR, into Gary's parents house. They spent the last couple of months before the move doing a remodel of the house. They also added a pool and hot tub. Gary also made sure there was a cable TV hookup on the deck so he and his brother-in-law could watch the Razorbacks play football (or basketball) from the pool or hot tub while Deb did the Bar B Queing. (As he says, "someone has to do it.")

Deb's daughter, Jennifer and husband Ryan Bryant, moved back from Iowa in the last couple of years and on April fools day of next year they are supposed to make Deb a grandmother. Debbie hasn't been the same since she found out.

Redmond Eubanks has been having a few health problems the last few months. He suffered a heart attack several weeks ago and then a slight heart (I don't think any of them are slight) attack in the last couple of weeks. He says he is feeling stronger and Lord willing he will be there Sunday for the reunion.

News from Randy Eubanks ( Son of Odus Jr Eubanks)

I think Randy and Mark decided that the Eubanks clan from Oklahoma had been Horse Shoe champs long enough. They have been working on "Brackets", "Rules", and even a "Traveling Award." And as Randy says, "we're getting this "Award" made and we don't intend for it to leave the state of Arkansas or even Russellville."

Rumor has it they have even been practicing.

News from Dick and Cathy Eubanks ( Dick is son of Argus and Vera Eubanks)

Cathy's three children - who have been with Dick and Cathy since they married 20 years ago this coming January, are grown now.

Our daughter Angie has 2 children, Jacob Scott and Allison Michele. Angie decided to go back to school and will graduate from ATU next May.

Our daughter Mary has two girls, Samatha JoAnn and Amanda Taylor. Mary is getting remarried the weekend after the family reunion to Tommy Randolph. Tommy has a daughter - Kyria. And yes, I've already told Tommy he's nuts for wanting to live in a house with 4 women. Mary also decided to go back to ATU and has been juggling 15 hours of school along with working full time until recently. She now has cut back the working to part-time.

Son Randy and wife Michelle are expecting the last week of December. (Yes, we had that birds and bees talk, but ....... they think we need more grand kids. Cathy says enough already)(OK, so 'maybe I'm kiddin'.)

Dick's son, Robert, has made his dad very happy recently by also going back to school. Rob is at U of A in Fayetteville. Rob has a son - Jaren Bailey.

All are expected to be at the reunion.

Cathy and I took a short little road trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming in July where we camped in a tent at the foot of the Grand Tetons. We also went on a white water raft trip down the Snake River. I also took my fly rod for about the 3rd year in a roll that the line never got wet.

Well, that's all the news for now. If you sent "NEWS" and it's not included, I apologize. If you enjoyed reading the NEWS but didn't send any ..... well maybe you can help me out by sending a little at a time. This next year I would like to be able to do this right after Christmas and again in the fall before the reunion. If you send it, I will try to be a little more organized and put it on my computer as I get it so nothing gets lost.

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